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I just noticed, people are going gaga with maximizing their blog's traffic. I admit I'm one of them. Ain't it fun looking at your traffic stats going up and up everyday? And what could be more crazy is to have regular readers and avid ones who would subscribe to your feeds? People have different ways to drive all of these on a successful way. So here's my share of things I did that so far that improved my traffic:

1. Submit your website to major search engines- This will include Google, MSN, and yahoo. By doing this, it will allow the search engines to crawl your site and index it accordingly in the natural listing.

2. Marketing your article/s- simmply write articles that interest you and submit it it squidoo, ezinearticles, newsletters, PR Web,or to any of famous online blogs that invites free article submission. Of course,you'll provide your link and website information together with that. Now if someone find it interesting, there, you get an instant visit/s.

3. Exchange links- you get some outright from you blogger friends! easy..

4. Forum posting/ Blog commenting- hey, I'm so good with this, I'm a member of a number of forums of my interest. Just put your URL on your signature line and everyone who would read your post would check your blog out and see what you have.

5. Email marketing- Add up your website to your outgoing signature, simple as that.

6. List it! - social networking websites is free, like friendster, myspace, facebook, flickr, stumbleupon, imeem, etc. see how many friends you have, and friends of friends

7. Don't forget widgets- entrecards, twitter, mybloglog, blog catalog, cbox or tagboards etc. You don't have to have this all in your blog. Just make sure your site don't look cluttered with all these.

8. Classified advertising- IF you have money, major search engines will always be there to sell an ample space for you. This sure will drive traffic, but of course, for a price

But you always have to remember, your articles or posts should have to have depth and quality, to earn regular readership or fans if you want to call it that way. Speak your heart out.

share your lists, did I miss something?


Ben said...

I think you are forgetting about Entrecard :D I know a lot of people don't like it and think that it is a waste of space since other people only visit their sites to drop Entrecards, but it was the same with business cards, wasn't it. You probably won't call every single service from your rolledex (is that what they were called) but you get to know great people (bloggers in this case) by dropping ECs Just like I found your site. :D
Thanks for visiting my site and commenting. It was very nice hearing from you.


Julie Ann said...

Hello girl.. Very helpful info.. It's true that blogging aint that easy.. It takes alot of effort and time. :)

1stopmom said...

I am obsessed with watching the traffic stats. My kids think i am crazy, lol

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