Got an online job, wooohooo!

If you noticed, I haven't posted anything lately. As much as want to, I just never had a time. Im busy every Tuesdays and Wednesdays because that's my husband's rest day and we have a lot of chores to do at home. And that's the only two days I could spend all day with him, so he comes first. He just celebrated his birthday last 25th, and two days ago, it was our first monthsary (first month anniversary)...sweet..sweet.. He greeted me first at past 1am, I was so surprised he remembered.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDeskAnyway, what kept me busy was that I got hired recently on odesk. It's my first online job! It's been two weeks since I lodge in my application there, and now I got my first project. My employer is nice, and says Im doing a great job,nice huh? Im just so happy with it. Ok, Odesk is an outsource for web programmers, and other jobs. Well, there's a variety of jobs there that you can choose, whichever you have a real knowledge and experience on. It's a legitimate and secure site, and it's a sure pay once you've done your task, and you get paid hourly, or by fixed price. Your hourly rate will depend on you, set your own, could be $2-$20, depends on the job difficulty. Since this is my first online job, Im doing the best I can to make my employer happy, you know happy means you could get a bonus! woohoo. So sign up now, help me some get some bonus too, if you sign up with me referring you.


JMom said...

hi there! found you through entrecard. Another Pinay blogger in NC :)

Shanti said...

Congrats on the job :)
and one question: what is pinay?

~~VANS~~ said...

Pinay means a female Filipino :)

arjay said...

i clicked on your referral link and signed up for odesk. ang hirap din palang kumuha ng trabaho kahit online. hehe.

i'll link you up,if that's ok with you. :)

moccalyn said...

hi vans how are you blog hopping here. Im glad you found job at odesk. me i am going to start again

Dawn said...

Hi! I've heard of oDesk before. I've been trying to find work there but I'm kinda freaked out because it seems too difficult for me, or that I'm not qualified for them.

What work do you usually get in oDesk? Is it easy to find a job? Do you have to be an expert in a certain field, or are average skills enough?

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