Got headache?

I know this blog isn't updated than it used to be. I'm get headaches lately, like everytime I would stay on for hours in front of my PC, my temple will just hurt like it's being grinded. It's so horrible. I was busy searching online about stuff to sell, famouse clothing brands, their prices, marketing strategy and all that. Also, I signed up for a forum that pays, see it here. My online business has been doing good, I had my first taste of profit this afternoon. My mother-in-law and I set up a meet at downtown Jacksonville so we could meet our buyers.. I'm such a bad seller, I have a $10 investment with all the item I bought, and have a 200% profit for selling it all off, nice huh? Well, there's bunch of people who has a lot of money to spend for an item, and they don't care how much it is. They just go and buy it. And that is business for me, oh yeah! haha

My husband's birthday's coming up, I have to think of what to make for dinner. Too bad he has to go to work on Monday and can't have an off. Ok, im logging out and lay down to rest, this headache is killing me, Advil works but I would still have headache the next day..oh geez


bittersweetcollide said...

awww.. I hope you're doing much better now, I really appreciate your taking time to drop by my site. :P Take care and get well soon!

Loisel said...

Wow thats great! in that way, you can be rich in the future@ hehe just keep up the good work. Im loisel from Philippines. I saw your blog at entrecard i just make some drop. pz out

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