WANTED: an english bulldog puppy

My husband and I have agreed on having a dog soon. I prefer a puppy, he likes an adult dog. I prefer small cute dogs like chihuahuas or shih tzus, which I can just put in my bag while I'm shopping, and he wants a medium size one. Our preferences really don't agree. And so I had a change of mind, I said,.."honey, how about a big dog, like chow or lab?" and he said it's too big, like it could grow bigger than me! Ok then we compromise to settle on medium size dog,not too hairy. A friend of him knows someone who's giving her english bulldog pup for free and ask if we want it, we're like ok sure, without knowing that this puppies are costing from $1600 to $2800 each! I don't even know what they look like,so googled it up..And it's been 45mins late when someone took the puppy already..we could have got it if only we're earlier.

Now we're looking for one. We tried looking for cheaper one,and I found some classifieds online, there's one that says he's only charging for the shipping fee $400, because he wants someone to take care of the dog..yeah, that was so good to be true..so I emailed him using husband's,we got a reply so fast and it says;

he's currently in Nigeria and he just want to give the puppy away for free...

Like any Nigeria spams you have heard and got from someone, it's the same thing. And how did I know it's a hoax? I replied to 2 different ads saying they're selling pups for only 300-400,I enquired about how the process goes blah blah blah.. and guess what I got the same email but the guy is using a different email address. And the other email but of different person says he's from US but currently in China and he'll ship the dog through Virgin airlines the very next time he gets the money, now does this sound real?? you can't even buy the same puppy with special needs for as less as 300...

So beware of scammers, and don't get carried away with cheap price. We could have lost $300 for nothing..Oh well, we'll just wait until we saved up for that, we really want one.

How about this one?


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