Superbowl fever

I'm not a football fanatic,so seeing a live football game is the last thing on my mind. I've watched some game on tv, but never really paid attention to it, all I know is "touchdown" and players who'd turn the game to But what's up with this year's Superbowl??

I never thought that this event is so famous until my friend Jackie told me about it, Dave and I supposed to get a hotel room at Palace Station, Las Vegas (where she works) for dates Feb 2-5, and we're not going there for the game dear but for the Shot Show 2008. Supposedly we'll get a discounted room with her, but 50 days before that she informed me that rooms are already all fully-booked on those days and that is because of that Superbowl. Not only that, she said most hotels usually jacked up their prices as high as 150%, because fans doesn't care how much it is, all they want is watch their favorite team to play. Well, our Las Vegas plans didn't push through because of that, and the wedding we just had. Honey and I just agreed on putting it off somewhere October, where Barrett-Jackson auction show will be.

Btw, how much are Superbowl tickets?? Dave looked it up on ebay and it is 3,000 for 6seaters, and there's one up for sale for 4,999 for 2 seats!!! wow


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